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Terracotta Roof Restoration | Roofing Revival

Terracotta roof tiles are made from natural clay which is a naturally moist material. This is why they last for decades as they’re a naturally porous material which can withstand years of weather exposure.
However, if your roof has had no maintenance since your home was built we highly recommend you consult a roofing restoration specialist to visit your home and provide consultation on cleaning and restoring your roof, tiles and valleys.

Below is the process that we at Roofing Revival take to improve the look and maintenance of your roof:

1. Removal of moss & lichen: moss and lichen are attracted to the surface of terracotta roofs. If left, the moss and lichen can grow and ultimately restrict the flow of rainwater streaming into your gutters. The removal process incorporates an environmentally friendly anti-fungal spray solution. This is the first step in getting your roof looking like new!

2. A high pressure clean: the next step involves a high-pressure cleaning process of your roof. The clean involves using water and a high-pressure nozzle to restore your roof’s natural looking colour.

3. Gutter clean: the team at Roofing Revival will then clean out your gutters from roof grime. This helps ensure there are no obstructions for water to flow through your gutters

4. Valley inspection: Your valleys will be inspected and if rusted they will be replaced to ensure the longevity of your terracotta roof.

5. Re-bedding & re-pointing tiles: If required, we will re-bed and re-point ridge cap tiles.

6. Colour paint application: Now that our roof has been cleaned, restored and properly maintained, this is where you get to decide on a range of paint colours for your terracotta roof tiles.
Our painting application incorporates using Dulux paint colours which makes it easy to match the exterior paint colour of your home. We’re happy to provide consultation on popular roof paint colours from Dulux.
For a Dulux colour sector, click here.

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