Leaking Roofs

Have you noticed a leaking roof?


Cracked Roof Tile

We'll take you through what leaking roofs are, how you might get them and how to go about fixing them without spending unnecessary amounts of money.

So, how do you get roof leaks and what are they from?

  1. Broken roof tiles: Roof tiles might break from flying objects hitting your roof in a storm, or due to wear and tear. Whatever the breakage is from, it's a simple fix.

    Rusted Valleys

  2. Rusty Valleys: Due to many homes in Sydney being old, and not having proper roof maintenance carried out on their roofs, some of your valleys may become rusty. When our team arrive at your home to provide a free quote we will advise you if your valleys are rusted. Again, this is a simple fix if they are.
  3. Rusty Roofs: If you have a metal roof and it is covered in rust then, unfortunately, this will result in requiring a new roof. Proper roof maintenance will ensure roofs do not get to this point.
  4. Ridge capping: Not maintaining your roof correctly can lead to cracking on the bedding supporting the ridge capping. This normally will lead to a roof leak.

    Roof Repairs

  5. Chimneys: the flashing around the base of the chimney can deteriorate over time and cause water leaks.
  6. Skylights: Skylight may leak at some stage throughout their lives.
  7. Guttering: If you haven't had your gutters cleaned out recently, now is the time. Blocked gutters can create water seepage issues. When we have one of those Sydney storms your blocked gutters might place too much pressure on your roof.


If what you're after is a clean, some maintenance and a new coat of paint then you're after a roof restoration. Find out more about that process here.

Roofing Revival Roof Repair

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