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what we do

Roofing Revival is a family owned and operated company situated in The Hills District, with over a decade in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship, with a professional approach to every job undertaken. All jobs are quoted and completed by Matt, the owner of the company, so you know what you’re getting with no hidden surprises.

We use only the best quality products on the market and are able to keep costs to a minimum as we don’t have massive over heads. From jobs as little as tile replacement to full gutter replacement or a full roof restoration, no job is too big or too small for Roofing Revival. Call us on 0450 545 433 for a free quote.


Do you require a roof restoration or roof repair and live within Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill or surrounding suburbs?
Well, you've come to the right place because we're your local expert in roof restorations, repairs and roof maintenance!

Whether you have purchased a new home or a pre-existing home, every house needs their roof maintained to ensure the tiles or roof material do not weather over time and become weak or brittle causing leaks or damage.
In other words, you want to ensure you've got the best protection over your head, minimising any risk of damage to rooms inside your home.
This is why provide the best, high quality, low cost, diligent roof restoration & roof repair for roofing Castle Hill.

What we offer: types of roofing services at Roofing Revival

  • Repairing or replacement of roofs – The roof of an old building often fades off and even starts leaking, due to which it may need to be replaced. Our roofing team provides the best roof replacement or repair services at an affordable cost and are available at a time that suits you and will provide all your roofing Castle Hill services.
  • Repairs after storms – We have an efficient team that works very promptly in providing roof restoration Castle Hill, in case the roof of a house is damaged due to any type of storms, saving the residents from any uncomfortable situation of living under a broken roof.
  • Other types of repair work – A competent and professional team at Roofing Revival is not only proficient in roof repairs Castle Hill, but it can be contacted for several other repairing services in a house; like fixing of your fascia. Our customers also rely on us for gutter cleaning Castle Hill, which needs to be done periodically at every house.
  • Regular maintenance of your roof – The longevity of a roof can be extended for a longer period by the effective services for roof restoration Castle Hill, so that the roof can remain steady in severe weather, even if your roof is quite old in age. These maintenance services from us include a thorough clean and inspection of your roof by our expert professionals, so that any requirement of even minor roof repairs Castle Hillcan be treated immediately before it can extend and cause larger damage to your roof.
  • Cleaning and repairing of gutters – Our professionals involved in gutter cleaning Castle Hill will clean, repair and fix your gutters.

Benefits we have for you!

  • Provide total safety – Our professionals at Roofing Revival are well trained for roofing Castle Hill; the customers can be assured of getting the best quality service in this matter. The expertises of our experienced professionals keep the roofs of their customers totally safe even during cyclones or other kinds of rough weather conditions. The strength of the perfectly installed roofs protects the residents from burglars or other unwanted intruders, who may otherwise try to get inside by breaking the roof tiles.
  • Prompt services in repairing roofs – Our Company Roofing Revival is available for service 24 x 7. Our team promptly arrives at the customer’s place as soon as possible and start roof restoration Castle Hill immediately. Our professionals do not need to be informed about the degree of damage occurred on the roof and they can instantly identify all the problems arisen there, so that they can provide best roof repairs Castle Hill, bringing the roof to its original condition.
  • Cost effective roofing services – As our professional roof restoration Castle Hill can provide much more longevity to the roof of a house, the homeowner can expect to save large amounts of money that would be otherwise spent for the massive roof repairs Castle Hill. Hence, this restored roof can last for many years, providing support and shelter to the whole family.
    Use of best quality materials – The renowned team of ours provides all types of repairs in the houses, using very high quality materials and tools for roofing, repairing the other features of the house and even guttering Castle Hill.
  • Enhance the resale value of property – When the roof and all other parts of the house are regularly maintained or repaired by our expert professionals, the homeowner can demand better valuation for the property from the interested buyers. The potential buyers need not pay more prices for the well maintained houses that avail all kinds of maintenance services, including the gutter cleaning Castle Hill as we offer competitive prices.
  • Takes less time for repairs – Our expert roofing company completes their roofing jobs in the least possible time, saving the residents from all types of hassles of repairing going on in the house. Our professionals also complete the gutter cleaning Castle Hill in very short time, which is usually done in regular intervals.Though many people may not find it necessary to pay attention to the gutters of the house, the guttering Castle Hill tea, of Roofing Revival will help you in keeping the roof free from any clogged rainwater, thus ensuring the longevity of the roof and also the whole house. So, what are you thinking? Give us a call immediately on 0450 545 433!